More time for Beach Club

It seems that Beach Club Colony resort may have lengthened its life span a little, at least for the time being.

Although the all inclusive Seven Mile Beach resort had been scheduled for demolition this summer, according to Remax’s Kim Lund last May, he said last week it is now uncertain when Beach Club is to be knocked down.

It is to be knocked for a $160 million (or over) redevelopment of high end condos called Water Colours, and it is a joint venture between the land owner and a developer.

Broker for the deal, Mr. Lund said that although the redevelopment is definitely still going ahead, it is just not certain how soon

‘We’re pre-selling residences there and sales have been very good so far, but until a certain level have been sold, the property will not be redeveloped. We’re not sure if that will happen this year or next year.’

Manager of Beach Club Colony Padraic Linane said it was merely a rumour that Beach Club was to be knocked this summer. He said that right now the property is taking bookings right into 2009.

On the resort’s website the all inclusive rates are posted through to the end of 2008.

‘We’re sold out to the end of April,’ said Mr. Linane, ‘and we’re having a really great year’.

Beach Club is a traditional Caribbean resort geared toward a barefoot comfortable Caymanian experience. Mr. Linane said the resort has a very loyal following and gains much business just through word of mouth.