New clinic will offer cutting edge surgery

A new clinic specialising in cutting edge surgery recently opened its doors at the Strand.

Seven Mile Surgery offers a broad range of surgical services for adults and children, catering to both residents and international patients.

‘One of the reasons we decided to locate a surgical centre on Seven Mile Beach was to make it easy to find for both residents and patients coming from overseas,’ Dr. Tamer Tadros said.

In addition to general surgery, Seven Mile Surgery Center provides minimally invasive surgery, which is transforming traditional, lengthy operations and recovery periods to a fraction of that time. Other services include surgical and non-surgical treatment of bone and joint problems, sports medicine, urgent surgical care, chronic pelvic pain and arthritis.

‘Whether your bone or joint problem results from trauma associated with new injuries, complications of old injuries, arthritic conditions, nerve compression disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Seven Mile Surgery can offer cutting edge treatments that are being used in university hospitals in Europe and the US,’ said Dr. Tadros.

‘Every other month, I go to Europe to work in the top teaching hospitals to perform operations using the latest techniques for pelvis, trauma and minimal invasive surgery.’

Another specialty of the center is sports medicine for professional and amateur athletes who sustain injuries from vigorous physical activities such as football, rugby and bicycling. Beside injury specific treatment, surgical or conservative, injury prevention programmes will be offered to athletes.

One of the leading diseases in the Cayman Islands is arthritis. Until recently there were only two types of treatments available: painkillers and in late stage of the disease, a joint replacement operation.

‘Unfortunately most patients suffer for a long time and end up needing an artificial joint replacement, which is an extensive procedure and often needs to be redone in five to ten years,’ said Dr. Tadros. ‘Our surgery centre offers an exclusive treatment for arthritis which is, so far, only available in a few centers of excellence in Europe. The treatment is minimally invasive with proven excellent results in pain as well as improving mobility and functionality.’

Dr. Tadros has more than 20 years experience in general surgery.


Seven Mile Surgery is located on the second floor at The Strand on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. For more information telephone 943-7672 or email [email protected].

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