Whittaker’s no closer to a deal

Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker is still having problems securing a fight on the Cayman Knockout boxing show next month.

Whittaker wants to box on the show promoted by top American promoters Goossen Tutor Promotions on June 20.

It’s at the Truman Bodden Complex and main bill is between unbeaten American prospect Andre Ward and Jerson Ravelo.

The Cayman government has already committed $1.1 million to the show but Whittaker was initially only offered $20,000 by Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford which Killa feels is unacceptable. He wants $60,000.

Whittaker’s Florida-based manager Raul Alvarez said: ‘After weeks of emailing back and forth between myself and Charles Clifford we were notified that the latest offer was the their last and final offer.

‘I actually thought that Charles Clifford cared enough to make Charles Whittaker a part of this event especially after dropping the ball but today I found out I was wrong and Goossen Tutor has actually resorted to playing mind games with us .

‘I received a fax from Goosen Tutor’s matchmaker Tom Brown last Thursday and it said that they were offering the fight to us and paying only US$10,000.’

Alvarez received a second fax from a third party.

‘It listed three fighters. I went down the list and contacted the fighters and their managers to shed some light.’

Alvarez was offered Sechew ‘Iron Horse’ Powell, the No.1 rated IBF light-middleweight. ‘I spoke to his manager Mark Vaz Friday and he has absolutely no knowledge of this fight and would want six figures to fight Whittaker,’ Alvarez said.

Anthony Tompson was on the list but he is promoted by Top Rank, Goossen’s rivals so it would be difficult to make the fight.

‘I spoke to his manager Cameron Dunkin and he too has no knowledge of a match with Charles and he was with Tom Brown the night before and was never offered the fight and too has zero interest in fighting Whittaker.’

The last name was Javier Alberto Mamani, an Argentinian. Alvarez has left messages with his representatives.

‘I have almost 20 years’ experience in boxing and I have never been subjected to this type of treatment and neither have my fighters.

‘We promoted our first fight in the Cayman Islands in 1997 and our promise was to treat fighters with respect and make sure no one takes advantage of them and we were extra careful with who actually came to the Cayman Islands as we did not want to contaminate the island with the people who give boxing a bad name.

‘There is one thing that I do know is that the Cayman people who come out and support Charles are the best boxing fans in the world.

‘This event is supposed to make history but it will not be a history making event without the only professional fighter from Cayman.

‘They are intentionally trying to exclude us and we ask the people to voice their opinion whatever it might be to the Caymaian Compass or any other media source.’