Retract letter of apology

I write this letter in protest to the letter of apology that was written to the gay kisser from our Director of Tourism Ms Pilar Bush and appeared in the Caymanian Compass Tuesday.

I am sorry that she as a woman has taken this stance if in fact this stance was hers personally or otherwise influenced by another party.

It is unfair to the majority of the people of this country to have to read their morning paper and have to do so with such disgust and discomfort to say the least.

We should have been the ones receiving this letter of apology not an outsider who came into our country and broke the law.

Are we sending a message to the international gay community that you can come to our country and we will accept your immoral behaviour and the people have to accept it and if anyone in this country says or does anything that may upset you we will apologise for you breaking our towns and communities and penal code laws because we are the stupidest nation in the world?

Well I for one will never accept this.

Ms Bush should be ashamed of her actions and I know that there will be some press release about why she did so because we are afraid of the repercussions it could have on our economy.

Well, Ms Bush, let me enlighten you to the fact that if we take a stance and say no like the Dare programme; then we will attract the decent people of the world into our community versus those who have no respect for a country’s laws and citizens to dare to enter their community and flaunt their stuff.

Let me tell you that there are a larger number of non-gays in the world who would prefer to visit a country that does not permit such public displays of homosexual or same sex behaviour, because they will have at least one place in this big wide world that they can call decent.

On the subject of the bill of rights and that the UK wants us to introduce this into our constitutional reform; well as an advocate for no independence, I am now really more and more leaning to the Cayman Islands going independent.

Tell me what has the UK done for us that has actually been good for us?

Everything they have ever done has come with conditions and strings attached. If this is the rule we want to subject ourselves to forever and ever, then we are sicker in the head than the actions of Ms Bush for writing that apology.

I am sorry that one of our own could be so cruel to so many by writing this letter of apology.

When are we going to stop the madness and start protecting Cayman from the foreign influences that will endanger our species?

When are we going to start acting and stop taking the easy way out and that is speaking about it. If we put as much actions into what we believe in the same way we passionately speak about it then something will get done.

When, Caymanians?

When are we going to get up and say enough is enough and tell these powerful people running our country that we are fed up of all the foolishness and stupid action.

Retract the letter of apology Ms Bush and do it now,

This letter is hurting more people than it has been a soothing cure to just one person who actually did nothing but call our bluff and won – thanks to you Ms. Bush.

Ruth Scott