Today’s Editorial for May 7: Gay kisser story evokes responses

There’s a saying that any publicity – even the bad – is good.

We sure hope so.

A story on the front page of our Monday edition about police detaining a gay man after he repeatedly kissed another man at a bar here has received much attention throughout the world; much of it negative, so much so that a link from one website to ours caused our server to shut down for a while Monday.

Basically, the story was generating oodles of hits on our website.

We apologise for the downtime on our website and we thank all of those who sought out for the story.

Many of the people who read the story on our website also commented on the story.

As you can imagine, the opinions vary from one extreme to another.

Simon Murphy from Kansas penned the following:

‘How terrible. What a hateful, bigoted place the Cayman Islands sounds, if someone can be arrested for displaying affection. I am forwarding this story to everyone I know to make sure no-one visits these islands. A place which discriminates so openly against gay people does not deserve tourism. Do they still stone women to death for adultery in the Caymans? It sounds like it.’

Miriam Bodden from Florida is basically ashamed of us. She wrote:

‘Oh such good advertising for The Cayman Islands…it is a shame they don’t have a law for the adultery and other things that go on that are much worse than kissing your partner on the dance floor…my oh my…let’s see what they do with this one….’.

Ira Solehan’s take on the matter is that Aaron Chandler should have been minding his p’s and q’s while in a foreign country. The Mississippi resident said:

‘The way I see it, you should just respect the culture/custom/laws of the place you are visiting. If you’re in Japan, you don’t wear your shoes into other people’s house. Basically the same thing.’

Mona Lott of New Jersey said Mr. Chandler should have known what would happen. In her words:

‘This is what happens when young people do not pay attention. A few years back, an all-gay cruise was turned away from the Cayman Islands. Why would any gay person want to go there, if that is their official attitude? There are plenty of other Caribbean Islands on which to spend your money.’

There are also a myriad of views being written about this issue all over the Internet. We’ve even got two letters on this page calling the apology to Mr. Chandler wrong.

And there have been some readers who say we shouldn’t have run the story at all.

But we disagree.

In the Cayman Islands, this is news.

We think our decision to run with this story was bolstered by the fact that our website received so many hits it crashed our server.

This story is far from over and the Caymanian Compass, as well as will be here to bring you the latest developments.