Bank adds four new ATMs

Butterfield Bank has announced today they are adding additional ATMs in Grand Cayman.

Butterfield Place, their new state-of-the-art branch and office building on Albert Panton Street, will open its doors on 20 May and provide four new ATMs.

Two of those ATMs will offer 24-hour access and the other two will be available during branch hours Monday through Friday.

Features of Butterfield Bank’s ATMs include fund transfers, cash withdrawals, mobile top-up and bill payments.

‘Customers not only have access to Butterfield Bank’s 11 ATMs but also to more than 30 ATMs island-wide,’ said Frank Thompson, Butterfield Bank’s Electronic Banking manager.

‘Our debit and credit cards are accessible at any Visa or Plus ATM worldwide. In addition, non Butterfield Bank customers with a Visa or Plus card can use any Butterfield ATM.’

Butterfield Bank’s other seven ATMs are located at their Governors Square and Compass Centre branches, as well as The Ritz Carlton, Butterfield House, Bayshore Mall and Hurley’s Grand Harbour.