Stamp of approval

The recent opening of the new Savannah Post Office marked a significant milestone in the Cayman Islands Postal Service’s investment in Bodden Town.

The investment includes 2,742 boxes; the most up-to-date sorting equipment; a packaging supplies kiosk; an ‘Oops, it’s not mine’ mail drop; a postal souvenir store; and an Internet café. The building is accessible to the physically challenged.

The Savannah Post Office will be the backup computerised mail-dispatching facility, should the Airport Post Office become temporarily inoperable because of hazards like hurricanes.

It has small, medium, and large boxes to rent.

‘I’m happy to have my own box,’ said new box owner Tania Bodden. ‘I used to share, but with my own key I can get the mail whenever I want. It’s going to be a lot more convenient.’

So far more than 1,000 boxes have been rented but apparently some customers who previously handed in applications are waiting to be contacted by the Postal Service. Ann James, deputy postmaster general – finance said that people simply need to stop by the Savannah Post Office to make payment and receive their keys.

New customers who want to rent a box can download a post-box rental form on, or just drop by the Savannah Post Office to fill out the form.