Certificate, badge of honour awarded

Patricia E. Bradley – Certificate & Badge of Honour

Her life is dedicated to protecting and preserving wildlife, especially birds and their natural habitat. It is for her outstanding and steadfast work in this arena that Mrs. Patricia E. Bradley is awarded the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour.

An ornithologist and field conservation biologist, Mrs. Bradley’s name is synonymous with birds and natural wildlife preservation in Cayman. She played a major role in establishing the Natural Trust, and has written three books and several scientific papers on birds. In addition, she has developed local wildlife reserves to protect the habitat of numerous bird species to whom the Islands offer sanctuary along a major migratory flight path.

The Sister Islands are particularly attractive to birds heading further south in the Caribbean or towards the Central America mainland, which is why Mrs. Bradley’s field work mostly takes place there. She explains that some 200 birds, both permanent residents and migratory, can be seen during any given year and as an ardent bird lover, she seeks to protect their habitat.

Her efforts led to the establishment of the Cayman Brac Parrot Reserve and Nature Trail in 1994, located on the bluff and spread over 100 acres. Mrs. Bradley spearheaded a similar effort that same year by ensuring that the Booby Pond Nature Reserve, a 334-acre wetland on Little Cayman, was recognised as a ‘Wetland of International Significance’. Home to thousands of mating Red-footed Boobies and Frigate Birds, an international treaty prohibits human access to the area, other than for research.

And while her work was concentrated on the Sister Islands, Mrs. Bradley also became involved in projects on Grand Cayman, including the establishment of the 1.84-acre Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary in Spotts-Newlands.

Her involvement in establishing the Cayman Brac Nature Tourism Heritage Trail project also led her to photograph key aspects of the conservation site, as well as birds and bird watchers. Her photos were used to produce six postage stamps.

Yet her many achievements are still not enough for Mrs. Bradley: ‘I want to see more support for protecting the environment. We do this for the young people of the Cayman Islands, and we cannot afford to let up,’ she concludes.

Mr. Andy Elton Martin – Certificate & Badge of Honour

Take the heart of a native Cayman Bracker, mix in a love for these Islands and a passion for music, and it’s not hard to understand why Andy Elton Martin’s unique personality and creativity have made him a hometown legend.

Born in Watering Place, he was only 15 when he left home and, like most young Caymanian men of his era, spent many years at sea.

Eventually, Mr. Martin returned home to contribute to a burgeoning tourism industry. He soon became a popular island bartender and balladeer, successfully merging both talents for the next four decades.

His role as a musical ambassador was also welcomed by an expanding Department of Tourism. He began accompanying troupes and promotional teams to North American cities and the resulting ‘Cayman Night’ promotions still continue annually in places such as Port Arthur, Texas.

Mr. Martin was now able to focus on his musical talent and in 1975 he produced his first single, ‘The Cayman Cowboy.’ This moniker soon became his stage name for as he explains, country music dominated during his childhood years, preceding the era when reggae and calypso music would take root locally.

Other island hits followed, including ‘Old Time Christmas,’ ‘Going Back to the Brac,’ and ‘Yellow Pages.’ His biggest hit, ‘Letter from Sea,’ sold over 4,000 copies and remains popular, particularly in neighbouring countries with their own active seafaring cultures.

Mr. Martin collaborated with local stars such as the late Laten ‘Duxie’ Ebanks and the Barefoot Man. Indicative of an even broader appeal, he also sang alongside and opened local stage shows for major country music stars such as Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, and Don Williams.

Currently residing on Grand Cayman with wife Suzanne, Mr. Martin still enjoys visiting and performing with relatives and friends on the Brac. He is quick to encourage young local musicians to follow their dreams and concludes, ‘There may yet be an international star coming out of Cayman, you just never know!’

Dr. Frances Marilyn McIntyre – Certificate & Badge of Honour

Head of Paediatrics at the Cayman Islands Hospital, Dr. Frances Marilyn McIntyre is awarded the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour for her contributions to the medical field and the community.

For the past 30 years Ms McIntyre, 57, has proven herself to be both a dedicated caregiver and the pragmatic catalyst that spearheaded transforming the hospital’s paediatrics unit from small and ill-equipped to its current enviable status.

Ms McIntyre’s career began in the UK where her medical education specialised in both obstetrics/gynaecology and paediatrics, particularly the care of newborns.

Having gained experience by working in Jamaica for nine years, she arrived in Cayman in 1978 to begin work at the George Town Hospital. There were no specialists in those days, she reminisces, so she treated patients of all ages.

Back then, children were hospitalised alongside adults in the main ward and it wasn’t until the following year that the first children’s ward was built. As she recalls, it held six beds and two isolation rooms, and was staffed by nurses trained in paediatrics, but there was no space for neonate care. She was placed in charge of paediatrics and newborns, a position she still holds.

That was also the era when all pre-term babies and sick new-births were sent to Jamaica for care, transported usually on Jamaica Defence Force aircraft. Lacking ventilators, many died in transit so Dr McIntyre’s team crafted a ‘breathing machine’ using tubing, nuts, bolts and a bottle of water, the level of which was constantly adjusted by syringe to prevent the babies’ fragile lungs from collapsing.

Then in 1985, $40,000 remaining from the annual budget saw the first step towards progress. A 5-bed, purpose-built neonatal unit came into being-but there was no money for equipment. With Nurse Josie Solomon’s help as Ms McIntyre recalls, fundraising began, culminating in 1986 with the opening of Cayman’s first fully-equipped neonatal intensive care unit.

But Ms McIntyre’s efforts didn’t stop there; from its inception, she was involved with the programme to eradicate genetic problems, and had a key role in the school health programme which examines all children prior to starting school and includes monthly visits to examine and treat Brac children.

With customary modesty Ms McIntyre comments, ‘I feel very honoured to receive this award but it is as much a celebration of my colleagues, especially the long-serving staff of the maternity and paediatric wards.’

Married since 1992 to Mr. Brian Limbrick, an electrical engineer with CUC, Ms McIntyre has three step-children and two grandchildren, all of whom reside in England.

Mrs. Wanda Marie Ann Tatum, JP – Certificate & Badge of Honour

‘I’m bored’ are words never uttered by Mrs. Wanda Marie Ann Tatum. And boredom, she admits, is foreign to her. While her family always remains her top priority, her extensive community involvement constantly keeps her involved and on the move.

Following in the footsteps of her parents, the late Marjorie and Capt. Keith Tibbetts, MBE, both of whom were active in community service, Mrs. Tatum explains that she was raised to regard support for others as a natural responsibility.

Since 1974 she has served on numerous boards, councils and committees ranging from primary and high school parent teacher associations, to teams responsible for events on a district or national scale.

Mrs. Tatum’s former community involvement includes membership in the Cayman Islands Adoption Board, the Cayman Brac Community Development Committee, the Cayman Islands Education Council, the Essential Relief Services Committee, and the Cayman Brac arm of the National Drug Council. She also chaired the Miss Cayman Brac beauty contests between 1975 and1980.

A Justice of the Peace since 1994, Mrs. Tatum serves as the Brac liaison for the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association. She co-chaired the 2003 Sister Islands Quincentennial District Committee and chaired Cayman Brac High School’s 40th Anniversary Celebration in 2007. She is widely known as the coordinator of several Sister Islands’ Royal Family visits and many others from other UK representatives and members of the Cayman Islands Government.

A recipient of numerous community awards, she is listed on the Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Wall of Distinction as one of 500 persons who have made outstanding contributions to the Sister Islands’ development. She has also been recognised by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for contributions to Sister Islands’ tourism awareness activities.

As a mother of three as well as wife to the late Capt. Isaac Lawford Tatum for 27 years, she readily credits her ability to maintain such an active social and community calendar to her good fortune in having a supportive and very understanding family.

For her services to the community, Wanda Marie Ann Tatum is awarded the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour.

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