LC entrepreneurs cook it up

Elizabeth and Mark McCoy of Little Cayman have opened the company Cayman Smoke.

The product, local fruitwood chips, is aimed at the tourism industry and the outdoor cooking market. The barbecue chips impart a taste of fruit and spice to all foods, meats, fish and vegetables and can’t be duplicated by any other.

cayman chips

Elizabeth McCoy with new Cayman Smoke product.
Photo: Submitted

Elizabeth and Mark discovered this special wood in the mid 1980s while building their home on the North shore of Little Cayman.

As barbecue enthusiasts and amateur competition cookers, they realised immediately this was a one of a kind cooking wood. They began carrying it back to the US with them and immediately proved themselves right.

They won the next cooking competition they entered and have continued winning since.

‘Our fellow competitors wanted to know where we were getting this wood,’ Elizabeth said. ‘We haven’t shared the location until now.

‘We are proud to form the first production company of a local product in Little Cayman. Now we can share this wonderful product with the world.’

The McCoy’s are also the distributors for the Sister Islands, but, are looking for the correct distributor for Grand Cayman. Interested parties can contact them at [email protected].

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