Bodden Town civic centre re-opens

The James Manoah Bodden Civic Centre in Bodden Town, damaged during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 was officially reopened Tuesday evening.

Bodden Town ladies

Bodden Town ladies responsible for decorating the centre with local crafts sit back in comfortable rocking chairs.
Photo: Jewel Levy

In the upstairs section of the building, Bodden Town elected members Health Minister Anthony Eden, Tourism Minister Charles Clifford and MLA Osbourne Bodden welcomed guests and thanked the ladies of Bodden Town tremendously for their valuable contribution to the event.

Also attending the event was Attorney General Samuel Bulgin, Chief Secretary George McCarthy, the Governor Mr. Stuart jack and wife Mariko and Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts

Mr. Tibbetts outlined the many uses that were in store for the multi purpose building.

He said when the bottom section was ready it would house a section of the Recreation Parks and cemetery Unit and a branch of the Department of Vehicles and Licensing, which would help to improve services in the Bodden Town district.

The multi-purpose centre will also be used for storage and distribution of food and supplies after a hurricane and be available to the public for holding events.

Health Minister Anthony Eden took a moment of silence for the late James Manoah Bodden and his elected partner Haig Bodden, who were both instrumental in the establishment of the centre and for their huge contribution to the BT community during their time in Cabinet.

Mr. Bodden’s daughter Mary Trumbach was present with a framed photograph of the newly reconstructed building in his honour.

Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford spoke on the new civic centre to come, which will be located near the re-opened centre.

Work has started and a completion date of 15 months has been set, he said.

The new Category 5 building sitting on an elevation of 12-14 feet, will also be used as a hurricane shelter, equipped with all the necessary gear. The building will also be used by the Bodden Town Primary School for events such as assemblies and sporting activities, said Mr. Clifford.

Located on the same site will also be the new Bodden Town Police Station with lock up cells, fire services, emergency services and a helicopter pad with refuelling facilities.

After the brief ceremony attendees were invited to view photographs of the forthcoming civic centre, craft handiworks and produce on display by the Bodden Town ladies.

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