JGHS grads given success blue print

More than 200 students graduated from John Gray High School recently.


Student of the Year
Andrea Campbell

At the ceremony at Agape Church of God, Minister for Education Alden McLaughlin said he expected graduates were feeling a variety of emotions, ranging from elation, hope and impatience to nervousness and apprehension about the future, but whatever the case he said he expected all to harbour a desire to be highly successful in their chosen endeavours.

‘The students graduating today, and in fact all of the students at JGHS, have been presented with those same opportunities. Alongside their academic education, they have been offered a variety of experiences that have encouraged their other talents and skills to flourish and develop.

‘I am truly astounded by their achievements in sport, music, art and community based events and whilst there are far too many for me to mention each of their names individually, it would be remiss of me not to mention just a few along with their noteworthy accomplishments.’

He mentioned students Anissa Owen and Alexandra Terry representing Cayman at the Carifta Games, Martina Jackson, Morris Swaby, Andrea Campbell and Renee Prendergast participating in the Sagicaor schools general knowledge quiz and Yentel McGaw, Miss Teen Cayman Islands.

‘Your personal blueprint should follow the same overall principles and illustrate the bigger picture view of where you aspire to be in three, five or even 10 year’s time,’ he said.

‘When you dream, do not short change yourself. Henry Ford, the inventor of the first motor car said ‘whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, either way you’re right’.

‘That is your blueprint for success and it is the most valuable lesson I can leave you with tonight. It is now up to you to build lives, careers and futures that will proudly reflect the best of your school, the best of your districts, and the best of your country.’

To last year’s 41 honour students, Minister McLaughlin said, ‘you have done yourselves, your families and your school proud, and have set the bar high for those that follow in your footsteps.’

John Gray High School Awards went to Student of the Year Andrea Campbell, Head Boy and Head Girl Mario Grey and Saneata Smith.

Students receiving best reports were: Priscilla Brown, Shaneil-Gay Brown, Andrea Campbell, Martina Jackson, Sheena Jackson, Danielle Mighty, Renella Peters, Rene Prendergast, Brittanni Seymour, Saneata Smith, Monique Spence, Katrina Watson, Jade Webster and Candace Welcome.

Top academic achievers were Andrea Campbell and Phillip Pierson.

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