CCMI launches reef reports Thursday

David Gruber, author and marine biologist, will give a Reef Report on 3 July at the Cracked Conch on biofluorescense in the marine environment.

CCMI reef reports

David Gruber, author and marine biologist, will give a Reef Report on 3 July at the Cracked Conch on biofluorescense in the marine environment. Photo: Submitted

Also present will be the Department of Environment’s Mr. John Bothwell, who will welcome and introduce Dr. Gruber and be available after the presentation to answer questions on local initiatives, said a press release.

The community is invited to attend this free event, which is aimed at raising the public’s awareness of the marine environment. The event begins with welcoming beverages at 6:30pm, with the Reef Report to begin at 7:15pm.

The talk will be based on Mr. Gruber’s recent book ‘Aglow in the Dark’ (Harvard University Press) co-authored with Mr. Vincent Pieribone of Yale University School of Medicine, that chronicles how surprising discoveries from corals and bioluminescent jellyfish have transformed modern biomedical science, and led to breakthroughs from neuroscience to cancer research.

Mr. Gruber is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Brown University and Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at City University of New York Baruch College. He will be returning from research at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute on Little Cayman where he is working with Ms Carrie Manfrino, CCMI Director, on a project that uses a remotely operated vehicle to examine the health and ecology of the deeper portions of Bloody Bay Wall.

The research project, called ROV Deep Reef Exploration, will explore the connections between the shallow reef and deeper reef ecologies using the ROV with a goal of proposing new conservation measures for deep and shallow reefs. Stuarts and Deep See Ltd have generously spearheaded the Deep Reef Exploration and CCMI is currently appealing to the corporate community for additional funds to complete the research project.

Guests at the lecture will also be updated on the 2008/2009 educational initiatives that have been undertaken by CCMI, including Ocean Literacy, a programme to increase children’s understanding of the important links between our lives and the ocean.

Upcoming Reef Report dates to save include:

23 July- visiting scientist, Ms Liz Whiteman, will present ‘Sex and the Sea’, a report on the social lives of fish, which are complicated and varied with drama that can rival any soap opera.

August 15th – visiting scientist, Jason Vasques, will present ‘Behind the Scenes of Marine Protected Areas’, a report investigating the concept behind marine protected areas and whether they are effective.

Anyone interested in attending any of the Reef Reports should contact Kellie at 949-1938 or [email protected] . Space is very limited and filling up fast.

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