Men rescued at sea

The crew of the marine patrol boat Cayman Protector has rescued three men from a canoe which was reported adrift in the water several miles north-west of Grand Cayman this afternoon.

A malnourished fisherman

A malnourished fisherman from Jamaica is taken to an ambulance in George Town Tuesday afternoon.
Photo: James Dimond

The call came in from a cruise ship which reported what appeared to be a water craft adrift in the area.

Officers with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Marine Unit reported that three men were still alive when the canoe was found. A fourth man aboard had died.

The men on board the canoe said they had been adrift for more than two weeks and appeared extremely dehydrated and malnourished, according to officers. The men told police they were on a fishing trip which had originated in Jamaica.

The three survivors were taken to George Town hospital for treatment.