Cayman Brac court busy

Twenty-seven people were scheduled to appear before magistrates in Cayman Brac Thursday charged with various traffic offences following a major crack down by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Since the beginning of May, a total of 32 court prosecutions have been made, an additional 30 drivers have received traffic tickets, and many others were warned for minor traffic offences.

‘We have been told that this level of prosecutions over such a time frame is unprecedented in Cayman Brac,’ said Sergeant Matthew Dawson. ‘We hope the motoring public take heed of this enforcement and realise that breaking the traffic law will result in substantial fines and the possibility of losing their license.’

The results come as part of two traffic campaigns which have been targeting all areas of road safety; from speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, to not wearing seatbelts and driving with passengers in the back of pick-ups.

There have been 9 careless driving offences, 5 cases of driving under the influence of alcohol, two citations for passengers traveling in flat beds of trucks, three incidents of overtaking school buses, six vehicles carrying children with no seatbelts and a range of other offences related to licenses and insurance.

‘We will continue with these operations in an ongoing effort to make the roads of Cayman Brac as safe as possible,’ said Sergeant Dawson.