Mrs. Ebanks retires principalship

Triple C Principal Marjorie Ebanks has retired after 31 years at the school.


Mrs. Ebanks

The Board of Directors of Triple C School announced the retirement commenced at the end of the 2007-2008 school year.

Mrs. Ebanks was the principal or director for 30 of her years at the school.

‘Mrs. Marji Ebanks is an amazing woman. Her dedication to Triple C over these 31 years sets a near impossible standard for anyone else to try to emulate,’ said Pastor Alson Ebanks, chairman of the board and 1969 graduate of Triple C School. ‘The church, the school board and all who have known Mrs. Ebanks have accepted her retirement with mixed emotions. We wish her all the best, but we also know that her leaving is creating a unique space in the life of the school.’

Mrs. Ebanks has spent 37 years in education, 34 of those at a Christian school. She also taught at Cayman Islands High School (presently John Gray High School) and continues to serve her community as a member of the Education Council, an appointment she has had for 30 years.

She was awarded the Certificate and Badge of Honour by Her Majesty the Queen in 1988 and many other service awards including the Career Service and Achievement Award from the Association of Christian Schools International in Colorado.

She says, ‘I am so thankful to the Lord for the outstanding opportunity he offered me to serve as the Principal of Triple C School for 30 years. I have been immeasurably blessed and indelibly impacted by the teachers, parents, and students that have crossed my path; however the timing is right for me to ‘pass the baton’.’

Mrs. Ebanks will continue as an ambassador of the school in her role as executive secretary of the General Assembly of the Church of God, the sponsoring agency of the school. This is a position she has held for over 10 years. In her expanded executive secretary role, she will continue to be involved in guidance, development, and promotion of Triple C School.

On 1 June the General Assembly held a Service of Appreciation for Mrs. Ebanks at the George Town Church of God Chapel. Tributes were given by the private schools, the Education Council, the Association of Christian Schools International, the alumni, individual colleagues and past students, and the school board.