CAL Brac flight aborted

A Cayman Airways flight to the Brac was aborted on takeoff and cancelled on Friday morning when one of its engines did not reach the necessary speed to lift off.

The KX 4622 flight, with six passengers on board, was about to take off for the Brac at Owen Roberts International Airport at 9am when it came to a halt and the passengers were transferred to other flights.

The airline’s vice president of flight operations, Olson Anderson said there had been a problem with the rigging to the propeller on the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter.

‘They pushed the power up and started to take off and just about 23 knots, they realised the power on the right engine was not coming up and they aborted takeoff. They taxied back to the terminal and all passengers were rebooked on other flights.

‘The rigging was out just enough that the prop did not come up to the speed they expected it to come. They worked on it and that particular plane was back in the air three hours later,’ Mr Anderson said.

The rigging is a plane’s equivalent to the cable in a car that connects the accelerator to the carburettor.

Chris Joyce, one of the passengers on board the flight on Friday, said: ‘The front wheel had just lifted up when it aborted. Then there was a big pull to right and a big pull to the left and we stopped.’

Mr. Joyce took the later 5pm flight to Cayman Brac while other passengers took the 9.15am flight to Little Cayman and then onto the Brac.