Turtle rescued from pool

The Department of Environment received a telephone call from the residents at Villas Pappagallo condominiums early Thursday morning with a rather unusual report.

It seems that a nesting female green sea turtle had become disoriented after coming ashore on the beach to nest.

When she had finished and was to return to the sea instead ended up in the condominium pool.

While the DoE has had past reports of baby hatchlings ending up in swimming pools, due to the attraction to the lights, this was a first of its kind.

Chief Enforcement Officer Mark Orr arrived on the scene to sea the 350 pound turtle swimming happily in the pool.

With the help from Mr. Orr, Research Officer II Joni Kirkconnell, DoE summer interns and Pappagallo ground staff the sea turtle was safely removed from the pool, tagged, and released on the beach where she made her way into the sea.

Mr. George Mais, an employee with Villas Pappagallo, commented that unlike some of the guests that track sand into the pool and hot tub, the turtle was very considerate and didn’t bring a grain with her.

Sea turtle nesting season runs through October. If the public should see signs of sea turtle nesting or witness distressed hatchlings or adults, please call the Department of Environment at 949-8469 during normal business hours or after hours and weekends at 916-4271 or 926-0135.