Today’s Editorial for August 12: Hurricane predictions worrisome

The news is pretty close to grim.

Each August those who are in charge of forecasting hurricanes amend their previous prognostications and this year is no different.

The news they have for us this year, though, isn’t all that great.

They are now predicting an above normal hurricane season.

The forecast calls for three to six major hurricanes of a Category 3 status or higher.

We know from experience that even a Category 3 hurricane can cause much damage.

Hurricane Ivan was technically a Category 4 storm when it blew onto Grand Cayman, where 90 per cent of the structures were damaged.

As this editorial is being written we, along with other weather aficionados are watching three weather systems in the central and eastern sections of the Atlantic Ocean.

We don’t know if those systems are going to form into any kind of depression, tropical storm or hurricane.

And if they do, we don’t know where they will head for.

So while we’re waiting and watching it’s a good time to make sure your hurricane supplies are well stocked and canned goods are within the expiration date.

It’s also a good time to go over hurricane plans and to decide whether you should evacuate either from the islands or to a shelter.

If you do agree that you’ll need to go to a shelter, make sure you know all of the rules. None of the government shelters accept pets of any sort and alcohol and weapons are a definite no-no.

If you are new to the island and don’t know if you live in a flood-prone area, talk to neighbours and find out how they fared during Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

A list of supplies you should have on hand as well as useful tips on what to do before, during and after a storm are available from Cayman Free Press at our offices on Shedden Road in our yearly hurricane supplement and on our website at under the heading ‘Enjoy other Cayman Free Press products’.

We’ll continue to monitor the weather and keep you informed via our daily newspaper, the Caymanian Compass, and our website.

We never know what Mother Nature has in store for us, so it’s always better to be prepared