Traffic violators nabbed

A joint police and Vehicle Licensing Department operation resulted in 21 people being prosecuted for various traffic offences and one person being arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The operation was conducted Thursday, 7 August on Bodden Town Road near Savannah Meadows by officers from the Bodden Town police station and vehicle license inspectors.

Under the Traffic Law (2003) vehicle license inspectors are permitted to conduct road side checks.

‘Road safety should be a concern for all Cayman Islands residents,’ said Sergeant Sharon Campbell-Dyke. ‘Whenever you get behind the wheel, whether it be for work or pleasure purposes you should consider if you are doing so safely. Businesses also have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are good working condition.’

The Streetskill campaign, launched on May 1 2006 by the National Roads Authority (NRA), the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) and The Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council (CIRSAC)), is aimed at educating motorists and influencing their behaviour and will continue throughout 2008.