Call for independent candidates

I was pleased to read of the many potential candidates who are considering coming forward for the May 2009 General Elections as independents with no intentions of being part of any party politics.

This came as good news for the many voters that are not members of the political parties and have no desire of joining any of them. The need to have independents to represent us has now been recognised and I hope that the voters will do what has to be done to elect as many as they can to avoid just one party being in control of our Legislature.

With approximately 12,000 voters being non members of the party system, this should not be hard to do if we simply recollect over the past eight years of our former governments.

We Caymanians have seen the outcome of political parties’ actions in neighbouring countries much long that we have been involved in party systems and I truly hope that we do not take the same path, but continue to prosper and to move forward as one people instead of being divided by the political system. Caymanians need to strive to keep control of our island and ensure our own people are being given priority and others will fall in line as we welcome those who found a loving and caring people, which could not be found elsewhere in the world.

There are honest and loyal men and women in our community who are discouraged from seeking a seat in our own legislature because of the party system. It is crucial that we inform our independent candidates that they are welcomed and highly encouraged to participate in the May 2009 election.

This of course is not to say we do not have good honest leaders in the political parties; however, there are members who may agree that this is the most logical and just method for the future of our people and our islands. Some of their reasons to think that way is by listening to the debates in the House of Assembly and hear the manner in which they conduct themselves at times.

Let me congratulate the Government on some of the work it has done to date while being criticised for some of its policies and decisions.

I realise they were done for the good of the people and the country; whether or not we see results now, we will in the future. Praise and criticism is necessary at times and we should be as quick to praise as we are to criticise.

We have to admit that the Government of the day inherited the status fiasco as well as the modernisation of the constitution and those alone had to be handled with extreme caution and thought.

It has brought some ill feelings and hardships to many natives; however, we must understand that we have increased our population all of a sudden, which has put a strain on schools, hospitals, police, Immigration, employment, welfare, etc. and all have been stretched to the limit – which many think has been surpassed – and had to be given full attention.

Let me conclude by saying that I do not want to see my country battered between two political parties after witnessing what has happened to most of our neighbouring countries that have made little or no forward movement.

Let us think of our young children and our grandchildren’s futures in their homeland and for the betterment of the Cayman Islands where they can have jobs without having to ask the non Caymanian for it and be a third class citizen in the only home they have.

Let us remember this is our country and their future in which their great-great-grandfathers have built and set forth the precious heritage found no where else in the world.

Fellow Caymanians, take serious thought in this coming election.

If we do not put it right this time, I am afraid your chance in the 2013 election may be too late. Let’s pray for our leaders and all who will take up the challenge in the 2009 elections.

David R. Arch Sr.