Graffiti problem increases in WB

For the past few months there appears to have been an increase in the amount of graffiti appearing in West Bay, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported.

Speed limit signs have been targeted where the culprit(s) have changed the miles per hour speed, walls of private residences and businesses have also been vandalised.

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, Area Commander of West Bay District, is asking the community to be watchful and to report any graffiti to the West Bay Police Station or Crime Stoppers.

‘West Bay Police Officers and residents of this community, along with the West Bay Beautification Committee, have worked very hard in making West Bay an attractive community,’ Ms Howell said. ‘It is very sad to see that not everyone shares the same love and pride as we do for this neighbourhood.’

It is possible that the graffiti is being done out by juveniles. If that is the case, Ms Howell said parents may be aware of their children being in possession of this type of paint.

‘Vandalism is a criminal offence and the culprits will be treated accordingly’ said Chief Inspector Howell.