Be careful about banning

I refer to the letter to the editor printed in Tuesday, 9 August edition of The Caymanian Compass where the board of directors of the Special Olympics has asked for the ‘R’ word to be banned from these islands.

Although I understand this is a sensitive issue, I believe them to be misguided.

I don’t believe the film ‘Tropic Thunder’ was an insult to mentally challenged people, just as I don’t believe the 1970s film Blazing Saddles is racist and the film Zoolander is an insult to male models.

It is satire!

If you do not agree with this opinion the solution is simple, show your support by not watching the film!

We live in a free world. There are plenty of horrible people out there that say some horrible things. I would rather know what someone is thinking and know their true personality by allowing them to say exactly what they feel rather than banning words that would express their true thoughts.

Where do you stop?

If we are going to ban the ‘R’ word, do we then ban the ‘N’ word and then the ‘F’ word and then the ‘C’ word and then the ‘G’ word and then the………well I think you see where I am going. We live in a country of free speech.. Let’s not mess with this.

Adrian Porter

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