Annual Tourism Conference this week

The 2008 Annual Tourism Conference will be held this coming Thursday and Friday at the Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa.

Mr. Scott

Mr. Scott

The conference begins both days at 9am.

With the keynote address focusing on Climate Change and Tourism Global Challenges, guest speaker Murray C. Simpson will share his wealth of knowledge in sustainable development, tourism, climate change and the environment, said a press release.

The presentation during the Friday morning session promises to bridge the gap between research, policy and implementation. Mr. Simpson is a senior research associate at the Oxford University Centre for the Environment, as well as principle of the international consultants Sustainable Solutions Worldwide.

He has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors in a range of initiatives, including sustainable tourism development, tourism strategy, tourism analysis and climate change adaption and mitigation projects in developed and developing countries and small island states.

The Annual Tourism Conference will start with an introduction and State of the Industry Address by Minister of Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce Charles Clifford.

Programme highlights for the 2008 Annual Tourism Conference include:


State of the Industry Address – Minister Clifford;

Keynote Address: Affluence in the US – Mr. Jim Taylor, VP Harrison Group; Ms Cara David, SVP American Express Publishing;

2009/10 International Marketing Plan – Mr. Shomari Scott, acting director of Tourism;

The Private Sector Role – Cayman Islands Tourism Association representative.


Overview of DoT’s Tourism Development Framework;

Keynote Address: Climate Change & Tourism Global Challenges – Mr. Murray Simpson;

Highlight Presentation of Tourism Apprenticeship Training Programme.

Luncheon Presentation on PRIDE and the Importance of National Customer Service Excellence – Mr. Darren Zucker, Project Manager, National Customer Service Standards Assessment & Training;

Sustainable Tourism Workshop: Growing Tourism by Going Green – Mr. Andy Dumain, Shrinking Footprints.

‘The Annual Tourism Conference is an open forum designed to provide the tourism industry, other partners in our economy and the broader community with an overview of the Department of Tourism’s goals, strategies and plans for sustainable tourism, the economy, people and the environment,’ said Mr. Scott.

‘It serves as a means to inform everyone involved in the tourism industry what we’ll be working on in the upcoming year. ATC is an efficient and effective way to network and basically understand how the tourism industry conducts its business.

‘This conference is not just for members of the traditional tourism industry,’ concluded Mr. Scott.

‘Tourism is a major player in the Cayman Islands, and everyone who lives here is somehow involved in creating a positive experience for our visitors. Knowing a little about how the industry works helps people put their best foot forward and make a lasting impression.’

Trina Christian, executive director CITA said, ‘The Annual Tourism Conference is a very valuable annual event for members of our tourism industry and our business community to come together and receive industry updates. It also presents an opportunity for networking and for us to discuss issues that our Islands and our tourism product are facing locally and globally so that we can increase awareness and begin planning proactive strategies for this coming season.

‘CITA is encouraging all of its members to attend and looks forward to contributing to the programme this year,’ said.

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