Burglars hit GT again

A series of burglaries has left a dozen George Town businesses scrambling to clean up as the RCIPS investigated Grand Cayman’s latest crime spree.

gt break ins

A number of businesses and car break-ins around George Town kept RCIP officers busy Thursday morning processing crime scenes. At Passadora Place where a number of doctors offices were broken into, caretaker Godfrey Seaton speaks with a representative from Dr. John Addlesons medical clinic, which was also broken into some time early Thursday morning. Photo: Jewel Levy

Five glass office doors were smashed overnight in Pasadora Place, Smith Road, and incidents took place in two other locations as well.

Police said the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at 5am on Thursday from a member of the public reporting that a glass door was smashed at Derek E Bogle and Associates Insurance Limited.

Police said other break-ins at Pasadora Place businesses included the offices of Dr. Edward Caudeiron, Dr. Richard Vernon, Dr. David Statdlander and Dr. John Addleson. Two of the offices reported small amounts of cash missing.

Cayman Physio-Therapy also had its glass door smashed.

‘Our door is open, there’s glass everywhere and nothing was taken,’ said physiotherapist Lindsay Bridgeman.

‘We came in thinking the worst, and there was nothing taken. I wonder if they were looking for drugs or something.’

The Thursday break-ins follow closely on the heels of another set of break-ins on Tuesday morning at another building housing a number of medical offices.

Helen Godfrey, office manager for the dental practice operating out of Cayman Clinic said a cleaner notified the police early Tuesday morning of a break-in at the Crewe Road building.

Ms Godfrey said the main glass doors at the front had been smashed in at their office and a neighbouring office housing Dr. Barry Richter for the second time in three weeks.

While two laptops were stolen as a result of the incident three weeks ago, on Tuesday morning cash was taken.

A third set of break-ins also occurred on Thursday morning, beginning with a break-in at Mega Systems Ltd. on Dorcy Drive.

Police were alerted to a break in which happened at 2.45 am. Officers responded and found that someone had broken in through the front door and an undisclosed amount of money had been taken.

Mega systems there said the suspects were captured on a surveillance camera, but that they were masked.

In the vicinity of Mega Systems, the building that houses Sta-Mar, UPS, and the Harry Bush trucking company was also broken into.

Ten-year employee Marilyn Jackson said about 30 dollars in coins were taken from her desk. She thought the break-in probably occurred after midnight because an off-duty UPS driver who had stopped by the store around midnight didn’t notice anything amiss.

Reports are also emerging that a number of cars parked on the roundabout north of Bobby Thompson Way had their rear windows smashed.

Five vehicles parked on the side of the street were damaged. Two belonged to a repossession company and three were privately-owned vehicles. Police are currently seeking the private vehicle owners as they have not yet reported the damage.

These most recent incidents come on the heels of a spate of overnight break-ins on Wednesday and Thursday 13 and 14 August. Five George Town businesses, including the Cayman Free Press, located along North Sound Way, Shedden Road and Industrial Way were broken into, and police said there were attempted break-ins at two other businesses around the same time.

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