Today’s Editorial for September 26: Start demanding answers

It’s time for the people of the Cayman Islands to start speaking up – and loudly.

What on Earth is going on in our country?

Our very reputation is being put at stake, as is the reputation of one of our senior judicial figures, and not by our own doing.

For some reason unknown to the people of this country our police and judiciary are under the microscope of the United Kingdom.

So far the UK Metropolitan Police team has investigated at least eight people, arrested four, charged two and exonerated three at a cost of $1.67 million through the end of June.

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Was the arrest of Justice Alexander Henderson on Wednesday morning an attempt to justify the $1.67 million expenditure and the investigation itself?

It’s time for the secrecy of this investigation to stop.

If Mr. Henderson has done something wrong, charge him and let justice be done. If not, apologise and give the man back his reputation.

And return Cayman’s to the Caymanian people.

This country has worked too hard and too long to build a good reputation in the global marketplace.

One of the financial markets we compete with is London, in the UK.

London is on the EU’s white list of financial centres.

The centres excluded from the list can find themselves at a competitive disadvantage compared with those on it. Russia is on the white list. The Cayman Islands isn’t.

The timing of this investigation also comes in the midst of our efforts to modernise our constitution, something the UK is demanding of us.

Why now and to what end?

While we aren’t calling for independence, it is evident that we need to have better control of our own country.

The residents of this country must demand answers about this ongoing investigation.

We demand to know what is being investigated, why, who and how long this will go on.

This atmosphere of hastily called press briefings and vague press releases from Governor Stuart Jack is doing us more harm than good. Whose side is he on?

Many can remember the mid 1980s when Scotland Yard came to the Cayman Islands to launch an investigation(s) that took years.

When the investigators finally left – and our coffers had been drained of millions – not one person had been convicted of anything, yet the Cayman Islands was left with a black eye to its reputation because it had been investigated by Scotland Yard.

To the men who have been cleared in this ongoing Met investigation, congratulations.

To those who have been charged, we can only say we hope that justice is done.

To those who have been arrested, but not charged, we hope you can get your reputations back if, in the end, no charges are filed.

To the people of the Cayman Islands, speak up – and do it loudly.

This is our country and our reputation. It is up to us to protect both.

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