Poll: Fingerprint everyone

A clear majority of respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll believe if the government is going to start mandatory fingerprinting of residents, it should be for all residents including Caymanians.

A proposed amendment to the Immigration Law would require all expatriate workers to provide their fingerprints as part of the work permit application.

Of the 731 total respondents, 393 people (53.6 per cent) thought everyone should be fingerprinted, including Caymanians.

‘It’s not about nationality or permit holders or Caymanians,’ said one person. ‘It’s about solving crimes and its better to do everyone and have a better Cayman for tomorrow.’

‘Don’t exclude anyone,’ said someone else. ‘That way no one is left out when it comes to the inconvenience and invasion of privacy.’

‘Whatever is decided it must be the same for all, otherwise it will be yet another wedge driven through our community,’ said another respondent.

‘If you’re going to do it for one, do it for all,’ said someone else. ‘Otherwise it just looks like another anti-expat policy. Besides, it’s mostly Caymanians committing the crimes anyway, as evidenced by the residents of Northward and Fairbanks prisons.’

Another large section of respondents, 203 people or 27.8 per cent, said no one except those arrested for crimes should be fingerprinted.

‘It should either be only those who are arrested for a crime… or if mandatory fingerprinting is imposed, it should be for anyone who sets foot on the Island, including Caymanians, non-Caymanian, residents and tourists,’ said one respondent.

‘This is a worse idea even than mandatory ID cards, though it’s not as bad as a DNA database,’ said someone else.

‘Aren’t we in enough debt,’ another person said. ‘Why the need for this?’

Eighty people (10.9 per cent said all non-Caymanian residents, including dependants and permanent residents should be fingerprinted. More than a thousand duplicate votes for this choice were erased over the time of the two-week poll.

‘It should be done for all non-Caymanian residents and visitors and should be conducted at the point of entry to the Cayman Islands,’ said the only person to make a comment who voted for this choice.

Only 29 people (four per cent) of the respondents thought only work permit holders should be fingerprinted, which is the way the proposed law reads.

Twenty-two people (three per cent) thought only people from countries that require visas to visit should be fingerprinted.

Five people (0.7 per cent) responded ‘Other’ in the poll.

‘They’re better off starting a DNA database,’ said one person.


  1. It makes good sense to fingerprint everyone as well as require everyone to carry an ID. How will the police find anyone without being able to identify them?

    Fingerprinting of everyone

    and requiring an ID for everyone makes good national security sense.
    How can we call ourselves a nation moving forward if people are walking around without an ID. It makes the police work easier.
    Especially catching these criminals on the loose and of course Bring some closure to long list of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.

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