Who misled about what?

‘We were misled’ said the Leader of Government Business, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Roads on the purchase of the police helicopter.

The Government and MLAs approved the $1.8 million and have another $1 million in expenses on the helicopter.

The Ministers have control under the constitution and appear to have failed to properly exercise it.

Why did the MLAs not get the necessary information before they approved the funds?

The public voted them to the Legislature to think for themselves and not to rely on someone else to do their job.

Maybe the solution is to lease a tug and barge with a landing platform to get the helicopter (which may not be able to fly direct there) to the Sister Islands and tell the drug boats to only come in daylight on the weekends!

Why not continue to hire the private helicopter by the hour for a few thousand dollars as they have done in the past. It can save the public $1million a year to operate government’s helicopter and the $3 million to buy one and the cost of leasing the barge to the Brac.

How can these Ministers try to chastise the Governor because the Commissioner was allowed to go to the UK to see his ill father?

He is not charged with a criminal offence and is not restricted from travelling.

The Minister for Education said the constitution should be changed to give the political party ministers the Governor’s powers because of the Commissioner being in the UK.

That Minister ‘was misled by Mr. (Dr?) Syed, his former University College of the Cayman Islands head and adviser on education who is somewhere overseas.

Why did the Minister of Education who has constitutional responsibility for education and UCCI not bring Mr. Syed back as he expects the Governor to do for the Commissioner? At least the Governor knows where the Commissioner is and is in contact with him.

The Bible tells us that we should remove the log from our own eye before we try to remove the speck from our neighbours.

Was the Minister of Roads misled on the Matrix fiasco which caused the serious loss of revenue to Government?

Where is the revenue coming from to repay the billion dollar debt for PPM and UDPs projects? Hopefully the Ministers are not misled that the public’s funds will have to repay this horrendous debt.

PPM ministers and political party politicians must stop blaming others and finding scapegoats for their failings and their being misled.

One wonders whether they think for themselves.

Why not take local advice e.g. from the local pilots since the said Ministers have allegedly been misled by foreign nationals. The public needs to remember that both political parties had foreign advisers before the last elections and after.

Maybe the PPM and UDP and political parties will be misled out of Government in the next elections and replaced by independents who will guide the Cayman Islands back on the right track.

John Mc Lean

Truman Bodden