Pirates Week floats will vary

This year’s Pirates Week Float Parade promises to have a number of interesting presentations as local designers have come up with varied ideas and materials.

One group is planning a presentation on an environmental concept; another one is considering a skating theme; a business will be doing gymnastic displays; and another corporate effort will focus on the various nationalities in Cayman.

In the gymnastic display, put on by Motions Unlimited Gymnastics, spectators will see performances on a high bar and on gym equipment, decorated island style, and with the gymansts going through some ‘tricky routines’, according to organiser Mindy Kay.

A presentation by Magnum Jewellers, entitled ‘The Cayman Melting Pot’ will showcase the various costumes, flags, decorations, etc., pertaining to the various nationalities found in Cayman. Organiser Maria Longobardi is working from a list of the nationalities obtained from the Immigration Department.

‘It’s quite a long list,’ said Maria, ‘and we will need help to portray them all. In particular, there is a need for children for the various depictions, so if people living here have traditional costumes, I will be happy to hear from them. If people want to join us, they’re welcome.’

Mrs. Longobardi expects her presentation to be large, and plans to accommodate the excess numbers in a walking group adjoining the float. She can be reached on 929-0117.