Revenge motive possible in death

Cayman Islands police investigators acknowledged Sunday that they were looking into the possibility of revenge playing a role in the disappearance and likely death of Estella Scott-Roberts.

Community in shock

Community in shock: About 50 people gathered outside the George Town Police Station Saturday afternoon awaiting news of Estella Scott-Roberts. Photo: Brent Fuller

A body was found Saturday morning inside the Cable and Wireless communications manager’s burned out SUV. However, the remains were so badly burned that police were unable to identify the body as Mrs. Scott-Roberts.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Inspector Peter Kennett said a forensic pathologist from Miami was being flown into Cayman Sunday night to perform a post-mortem exam. He said DNA tests would be needed for a positive ID.

No one has heard from or seen the 33-year-old Cayman Brac native since Friday night at around 11.30pm.

Mr. Kennett said investigators were looking into reports that someone who had been released from prison went looking for Mrs. Scott-Roberts on Friday.

In her previous position as the director of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, Mrs. Scott-Roberts was sometimes called upon to give testimony on behalf of domestic violence or rape victims in court.

‘It’s one of the lines of enquiry that we’re pursuing,’ he said, referring to the possibility of a suspect with a revenge motive.

Mrs. Scott-Roberts was last seen Friday leaving a party at Deckers restaurant on West Bay Road.

Mr. Kennett said she was never spotted driving out of the parking lot behind the business. However, he said both her shoes were found in the lot indicating a struggle may have taken place.

Her vehicle was found along a dyke road near Villas Pappagallo Saturday by a Department of Environment officer searching the area. Police had earlier traced her cell phone to the general vicinity.

DoE officer Mark Orr said the vehicle had been entirely engulfed in flames.

Mr. Kennett asked anyone who may have seen a black Ford Edge along West Bay Road, or filling up at a gas station overnight to contact police.

Investigators also believe an accelerant such as gasoline was used to set the vehicle on fire.

‘It is possible whoever did this went to get gas overnight Friday or Saturday,’ Mr. Kennett said.

In what police said was a strange coincidence, Mrs. Scott-Roberts case bears some similarities to the death of Swiss banker Frederic Bise. Mr. Bise was also found dead in a burning car in West Bay after he was seen at Deckers the previous night.

A 28-year-old West Bay man was arrested in connection with Mr. Bise’s death, but no charges were ever filed in the case.

Mr. Kennett said there appeared to be no other connections between the two incidents.

Police said a man was arrested over the weekend near the area where Mrs. Scott-Roberts burned out vehicle was found. However, the arrest was for suspicion of drug possession and appeared to have no connection to the homicide.