Rick’s run will last six weeks!

We all know that the standard marathon distance is 26.2 miles. That’s exhausting enough, but imagine having to run two of them every day for 46 days!

Well that is exactly what Rick Singer is going to attempt to do in February. Sounds like something out of the darket Halloween story, but the 31-year-old American wants to break the existing 2,800 run across America and raise money for charities in the process.

The psychotherapist, inspirational book writer and part-time lecturer at UCCI aims to break the Guinness World Record of 46 days 8 hours and 36 minutes of running from City Hall Los Angeles to City Hall New York.

It was set by Frank Gianno in 1980 and Singer, who grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Bodden Town, believes he can do it.

‘I began running when I was about seven years old, however I took a long break and finally found out my passion had continued some 20 years later,’ he says.

Singer ran the Cayman Islands Marathon last year and decided to take on this project and create a non-profit organization in the process.

‘I am being personally trained by Anthony Reid at King’s who has me doing strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises.’

Singer recently completed a 45.5 mile run across Cayman as part of his training, from Boatswain’s Beach to Rum Point.

‘It was completed in 12 and a half hours and was a challenge to my mind, body and soul. I will be running the New York Marathon on Sunday and Cayman Islands Marathon on December 7 then will be ready to run across Cayman again on 11 January for the actual charity event in which I hope others will join in.’

And then it’s the big one. February 20 is the start date for his run across America. Apart from breaking the record he hopes to finish by April 6 which is the third birthday of his twin sons Matthew and Alexander.

Singer is not a stranger to difficulties in his life. He has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, bi-polar depression, obsessive compulsive disorder as well as many other significant hurdles throughout his development.

He has now pledged to give back to several organisations through Million Dollar Run, Inc. This organization will benefit several charities from many different aspects of life. All of the chosen charities have one thing in common; they are personal and special to Singer.

He has written extensively about such topics as taking risks, persistence, determination and most importantly purpose in life. He intends to demonstrate the application of these principles as he embarks on the greatest challenge of his life.

‘There is no doubt in my heart and soul, the passion, belief and purpose within me will deliver me to New York City to celebrate breaking this world record and to celebrate the twins’ birthday,’ he says. ‘Many, many people will be helped by this endeavour.’

‘Training has been going well and I only have a few aches and pains, funnily enough in my upper body, not my legs.

‘In Cayman the charities I’m supporting are an ICCI scholarship fund for At Risk Youth, a fund for the new mental health facility and stay-focused.org.’ All money he generates in Cayman stays in Cayman.

The US charities that will benefit are; American Cancer Society, Damon and Stella Foundation for Mental Health, Indra Loka Animal Sanctuary and the Choice Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, Make A Wish www.wish.org and Elton John’s Aids Foundation.

Pooley Cabinets Industries are his main sponsors and ITC International were early sponsors. His new sponsors include AL Thompson’s, Truman Bodden and Scotia Bank.

In the run across America the six footer expects to go from 210 pounds down to about 180. He will have a back up team to help which includes a publicist and somebody filming every stage. Some nights he will sleep in sponsored hotels and other times it’ll be camping out under the moonlight.

‘At one point, I thought maybe I should cancel it because I could not get the support but I made a commitment and I’m doing it.’

Anyone interested in sponsoring or supporting Rick Singer in his run across Cayman or his attempt to break the Guinness World Record cross-America run can contact him on [email protected]. Visit www.milliondollarrun.org or www.ricksinger.org for more details.