Female voters honoured Monday

On Monday, the government will mark the 50th anniversary of the day women were granted the right to vote in Cayman.

In 1957, 358 women from throughout the Cayman Islands lobbied for the rights of women to vote and to be elected and signed a petition which was presented to the government.

On 8 December, 1958, the Sex Discrimination (Removal) Law was enacted on 8 December, 1958.

The public is being invited to participate in a ceremony on Monday to celebrate the event.

‘To mark this momentous occasion, a ceremony will be held on the steps of the Legislative Assembly. Along with celebrating this important landmark in our history, women who have been elected members of the Cayman Islands government and those who have been Speakers of the House will be honoured,’ Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said at a Cabinet press briefing Thursday.

Immediately after the ceremony, legislators will make speeches honouring the actions of the 358 women and the significance of their efforts in the LA.

The ceremony will begin at 9am on Monday and will last one hour. A section of Fort Street will be closed from midnight to 1pm for the celebrations.