Mini motorbikes not road-ready

Parents and guardians are being warned by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to think twice before purchasing mini motorbikes, quad bikes, mini scooters and mini dirt bikes as Christmas presents for children unless they have a safe and legal place to ride them.

The bikes are miniature motorcycles and scooters which are usually powered by a small petrol engine.

Police officers are urging parents, before they spend any money on the vehicles, to consider not only the legal aspect of these bikes, but also the likelihood of injury to riders.

‘These bikes can only be used on private land and never on a public road,’ said Inspector Derrick Elliott of the Traffic Management Unit. ‘If they are used on a public road they are subject to the Traffic Law which requires the rider to have an appropriate driver’s licence, current insurance and relevant documentation from the vehicle licensing department.’

Under legislation the police have the power to seize these bikes if they are being used illegally.

‘We don’t want to spoil people’s Christmas fun,’ said Inspector Elliott. ‘But we want to make sure people are aware of the law. If you really do want to buy one these types of bikes make sure that you have access to land where it can be used safely and within the law.’

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