Storm cash in

Senior netball may be in its early days but squads are already putting out dominant performances.

Last Saturday saw a pair of games at the netball courts at Truman Bodden Sports Complex from 6:30pm.

The matches featured teams in division one and two of the Cayman Islands Netball Association Senior Women’s League.

Storm Quick Cash A took down Bodden Town A by a whopping score of 63-13. Meanwhile Storm Quick Cash B beat Rising Stars B 30-17.

The first match between Storm and BT was a high-scoring affair from the get-go. 15 points were scored in the first quarter and by half-time both squads combined for 35 points.

Storm came out of the gate firing in large part due to solid passing, lots of hustle and the play of their attacking players.

Goal Assist Sophie Foster was a menace leaping into the air for every pass she could and getting in good position to score.

Goal Shooter Laverne Ebanks used her tall frame to sky over the BT defense for plenty of easy shots.

Meanwhile BT struggled to get their offense in gear in large part because they couldn’t get the ball to Goal Shooter Stacey-Ann Smith enough.

Umpires Jane Kelly and Pauline Bodden called infractions from time to time but for the most part looked on from the sideline.

At half-time both squads had very different talks. Storm talked about keeping focus and not letting up on offense while BT could be heard trying to keep motivated and urge more passing along the wing.

In the third quarter wingers would be key though not for BT. Rather Storm would benefit from solid play from Wing Assist Charlotte Hayward and Wing Defense Joanne Zieger.

Hayward was constantly pushing the offense up the court and made plenty of smart passes to the attacking players.

Zieger meanwhile was alert and readily intercepted passes on the wing. Her ability to work the ball into the middle allowed Storm to enjoy having the ball most of the game.

The wingers would also get help from Lashawn Davis. Davis was a key piece in the middle, using her height to survey the court well and make good decisions with the ball.

Meanwhile BT struggled to keep pace. The combination of wingers Keniesha Morris and Carolee Bolton did not pan out as they were beaten to the ball on many plays.

The result was Centre Inia Ricketts would have to handle most of the passing responsibilities. Constant pressure from the Storm players would tire her out and see sub Natasha Henry come on to help out.

It would be no surprise then that the third quarter was a blow-out as Storm posted 17 points while keeping BT to five points.

With the game already out of reach the fourth quarter was a flat one for BT, especially on defense.

The overworked duo of Goal Keeper Maria Robinson and Goal Defense Carrier Barrett did their best to keep Storm from scoring. But the constant press from Storm had obviously worn them out.

Meanwhile Goal Assist Janice Morrison could only look on disgust as she saw little of the ball her way.

When the ball did go to Morrison the Storm defense was ready. As they had all game they frustrated the BT attack with athletic steals and aggressive turnovers.

Defenders Marticqua Murray and Anissa Owen led the way for Storm with Casy Swaby coming on and playing valuable minutes.

Storm would close out the game scoring 19 points in the final quarter while BT could not score any.

The other game would be a close affair with both Storm and RS going neck and neck.

Storm got off to a good start as they lead 13-10 by half-time. The attacking force was solid led in large part by GS Geraldine Smith, GA Chloe Hill and WA Raquel Brown.

Brown passed well on the night and got the ball to Smith and Hill in good spots to shoot.

Meanwhile Captain and Centre Mariscka Blackman did her best to keep her squad in it. She steadied the defense and thwarted many passes.

Goal Defense Tara Ramoon and Goal Keeper Kady Myres would stick with the Storm attackers well and made them earn every point.

Umpire Grey would do his part to keep the play fair and safe speaking to players about various issues on the court. Meanwhile Molly-Ann Moore would use her sharp eye to call out any infractions.

The second half would see Storm hit their stride and put the game away. The side scored 17 points in the second half while RS could manage only seven total points in the half.

Carlene Barnes did a stalwart job in the middle for Storm as she forced the issue on offense.

Meanwhile the defense tightened up as defenders Jolene Barnes and Sandy Burrows intercepted many passes and gave plenty of support to Goal Keeper Antoinette Eccleston.

RS did its best to keep up with Storm but fatigue seemed to get the best of the attacking players.

Goal Assist Karina Chiari Powery would nurse an injury in the second half, leaving GS Brittany Rose to get most of the points.

Winger Felecia Connor helped where she could but her inability to win balls on the wing hampered scoring chances for RS.

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