Poll: Estella’s murder top news story of 2008

In a sign of the deep impact the event had on the Cayman Islands, more than 60 per cent of the respondents of the most recent caycompass.com online poll said the murder of Estella Scott-Roberts was the biggest news story in Cayman in 2008.

Of the 748 respondents, 456 of them – 61 per cent – chose Mrs. Scott-Robert’s murder in October as the biggest news story of the year.

‘My feeling of being safe was completely shattered and reality swiftly kicked in that we are not immune from such horrendous crimes,’ said one person. ‘Everything she fought for and against became all too real.’

‘It’s still unbelievable how such an act of hate could happen in our peaceful Cayman Islands,’ commented another respondent. ‘The killers will have to live with a guilty conscience that will slowly tear them up over time.’

The UK Metropolitan Police investigation into possible crimes committed by members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and the Cayman Islands judiciary was the biggest news story of the year in the opinions of 158 respondents (21.1 per cent).

‘As shocking as the Estella Scott-Roberts murder was, the Met investigation with all its machinations and people involved – Kernohan, Dixon, Martin, Henderson, Seales, Ennis, etc. – has got to be the biggest, most outrageous, story of the year,’ said one respondent. ‘and maybe next year too!’

‘The arrest of Justice Henderson was outrageous,’ commented another person. ‘Someone needs to be sacked for that bumble.’

Seventy-three people – 9.8 per cent – said Hurricanes Gustav and Paloma represented the biggest new story of the year, and 32 people – 4.3 per cent – thought the Commission of Enquiry into Charles Clifford was biggest story of the year.

Only 20 people – 2.7 per cent – thought the constitution modernisation process was the biggest story of the year, while nine respondents – 1.2 per cent – thought other stories were the biggest of the year.

‘The rise in serious crime,’ wrote one person who responded ‘other’.

‘Cayman’s discrimination against gays in the ‘gay kiss’ at Royal Palms,’ said another person

‘Our apparent belief that we are not going to be affected by the global economic crisis,’ said someone else. ‘Is anyone here aware of what has been happening in the outside world?’

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