Jamaica MP faces arrest

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Government minister James Robertson is facing arrest after reportedly using abusive language at a police team in the aftermath of an alleged gunfight in Norris, St Thomas, on Saturday.

Inspector Paul Anderson of the Yallahs police told The Gleaner Sunday that the summons is in the possession of the investigating officers.

“The summons was prepared from yesterday. Just check with CCN (Constabulary Communica-tion Network),” Anderson said.

However, checks with the CCN revealed that no reports relating to the Norris shooting or subsequent developments have been logged by the police.

Robertson, a member of parliament for West St Thomas and minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, allegedly hurled abuse while ushering a man shot by police out of the parish.

Robertson, who is also a deputy leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, made the 45-minute journey from Kingston to St Thomas to pick up Rameish Simpson, a person of interest in a number of crimes, including a recent murder.

Robertson, who denied using abusive language, said Simpson was targeted by the police because he had information about their involvement in serious crimes in St Thomas.

“I have no problem. I should be knighted. A man would be dead with lies told on him,” Robertson told The Gleaner Sunday.

“It is with the police’s knowledge that I went out to save this man who was helping the police with an investigation (and who was almost killed).”

Green backs mp’s claim

Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green, head of the Major Investigation Task Force, has confirmed that Robertson had approached the Police High Command in relation to the investigation of professional misconduct on the part of police in the parish.

Green also said that police were aware that Robertson was leaving Kingston to retrieve a wounded man. He told The Gleaner that once Robertson contacted the police, “we made sure that nothing untoward came to him or the person he was picking up”.

Superintendent Jonathan Morrison, the man in charge of the St Thomas police, told The Gleaner that police under his command do not need his permission to charge Robertson.

“If it is the view of police who were there that he committed an offence, they know how to proceed,” Morrison said.

Simpson was hit in the leg during the alleged shoot-out with the police but managed to elude the lawmen until Robertson arrived and assisted him to the Kingston Public Hospital.

Simpson was treated at KPH and released into the custody of a senior Corporate Area police officer.