Transfer time is drawing to an end

As the Cayman Premier League and Foster’s First Division season approaches its half-way stage, the Cayman Islands Football Association is gearing up for the second transfer and registration period of the season.

With the Cayman Premier League already a third of the way through it’s season, teams are sorting themselves into title contenders, mid-table teams and those threatened by the prospect of relegation.

Similarly in the Foster’s First Division, several clubs are making strong pushes for promotion.

The women’s and youth leagues have also recently got under way.

The coming month could prove crucial for every one of these clubs as they look to improve as the Leagues reach their climax in May.

Until January 31, clubs are allowed to negotiate the transfer and registration of new players, pending formal registration with the Association.

Unlike in professional leagues abroad, players are not legally contracted to clubs, but are registered by the club with the Football Association.

Therefore although players are not bought or sold between clubs, they are also not free agents that can swap teams as they please.

In addition to formal transfers, clubs can also take advantage of this window to register new players that are currently not affiliated with any club.

The coming month could make or break a team’s performance in the inaugural Cayman Premier League, and with no side wanting to go down in history as the first relegated team the next few weeks could prove interesting.

Clubs are reminded that the registration window is in effect until 5pm on Friday January 31st.

In order for a registration to be confirmed CIFA must be provided with all of the required forms and information including a digital picture.

All transfer requests are to be submitted to the Acting General Secretary or the CIFA Office.