Windy weather coming

The second wallop of a one-two punch cold front will arrive in the Cayman area Thursday night, bringing with it windy conditions through Saturday night.

Cayman Islands Chief Meteorologist John Tibbetts said the first, smaller cold front moved into the area Tuesday night, bringing with it rain and cloudy conditions.

Mr. Tibbetts said the second cold front isn’t expected to reach the Grand Cayman area entirely.

‘It’s expected to stall out to the north of us,’ he said, explaining that as a result, not a lot of rain will likely come out of the second cold front.

‘We can expect partly cloudy conditions due to what we call pre-frontal clouds,’ he said. ‘But it should remain fairly sunny… and windy.’

However, the cold front will be close enough to Cayman to bring very breezy conditions, with 20 to 25 knot winds and higher gusts.

As of Tuesday morning, Mr. Tibbetts said he believed the winds would come primarily out of the northeast, sparing the west coast and Seven Mile Beach of the rougher seas. However, depending on how far south the front comes, the winds could shift a little more northerly.

Mr. Tibbetts said the northeast winds were not necessarily the norm for this time of year.

‘This is the time of year when we’re looking for the big nor’westers,’ he said. ‘It’s the time of the year when you see the big cold fronts bring frigid weather and blizzards to places like Cleveland and other places up north.’

In Cayman, the cold front is expected to bring cool and comfortable temperatures, with highs in the low-80s and lows in the mid-70s.