Cayman flags for every classroom

George Town MLA Alfonso Wright recently presented a check to Minister of Education Alden McLaughlin for the purchase of Cayman flags for every classroom in the Cayman Islands.

MLA Alfonso Wright

From left, MLA Alfonso Wright presents Minister of Education Alden McLaughlin with a cheque for the purchase of Cayman Islands flags for every classroom in the country. Photo: Submitted

‘We’ve been fortunate enough to secure private sponsorship from State Street for the purchasing of flags that will go in each classroom in every school, public and private, in the three islands,’ said Mr. Wright.

‘We believe this will go a long way in helping kids be more in tune with their national symbols: The flag and all the things that it stands for.’

This donation was an extension of a campaign Mr. Wright began in 2005 by moving a Private Members Motion in the Legislative Assembly that called for an established protocol for the proper use of the flag, as well as for proper conduct whenever the Cayman Islands National Song was sung.

Mr. McLaughlin said: ‘I just want to take this opportunity to commend MLA Alfonzo Wright, first for bringing the motion to debate and talk about our national symbols as part of the education of our people, particularly the young people, and of its importance in building national pride and esteem.’

State Street’s Manager, Shirley May Jackson, said: ‘We firmly believe that national pride and cultural identity should be encouraged among all of Cayman’s youth, and promotion of the national flag and what it stands for within each classroom throughout the Cayman Islands will encourage this.’