Reserves at risk from road

Ah, here we go again. One day they are looking for land to expand these nature reserves. Now they want to put a road through them. I always knew things were a little backwards on my little island, but this takes the cake.

On an island this small land should be being conserved as much as possible, but it looks like they aren’t really worried about that.

What’s next? Will someone come along with enough money and they will sell it all to them? It has happened before. What’s to stop it happening again? When are people going to realize that money isn’t everything? When all our natural resources have been used up or destroyed and it’s all too late? Or when there is no more money coming in because tourists don’t want to visit here for roads or cruise docks and not even the dolphin facilities because they want to see Cayman – not a big city sitting on a little rock.

Jonathan Rivers