Cancel permits for ex-employee

The Department of Immigration is reminding employers that they are legally obliged to cancel the permits of workers who are no longer employed to them.

Failure to inform Immigration of the changed job status of an employee is illegal under Immigration Regulations (2007 Revision) and the employer can be fined for such an offence.

The employee can also be fined and removed from the Islands if found to have remained without the specific permission of the Immigration Department after his or her employment has been terminated.

The laws states:

Where a person whose employment in the Islands is authorized under a work permit, the grant of which is conditional upon his remaining in the employment of a particular employer, ceases to be employed by that employer then the work permit ceases to be valid; and the employer shall forthwith give written notice of the termination of the employment to the Chief Immigration Officer, and if he fails to do so is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of five thousand dollars.

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith noted that the department will be stepping up efforts to investigate and prosecute such offences.