Youth Olympic Games

The Inaugural Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) will be held in Singapore in 2010. To this end, the YOG will feature an attractive Culture and Education Programme (CEP) integrated with a Sports Programme that will educate, engage and inspire the athletes.

The Education component of the CEP will feature activities in five formats for the athletes to learn about various Education themes identified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

These include hands-on workshops, talks by Olympians, outdoor activities, community projects and exhibition booths.

The Games’ organizing committee has launched a Friends at YOG programme which will lay the foundation for creating awareness and buzz for the YOG among young people.

It will also provide an excellent opportunity to profile the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC) and the Cayman Islands to Singapore and their local schools.

Through Friends at YOG, students in Singapore will:

Welcome Cayman athletes to Singapore and at the Youth Olympic Village

Support and cheer on the Cayman athletes during their competitions

Serve as buddies to Cayman athletes in various Culture and Education activities

Learn about Cayman and the CIOC through interactions with students and athletes

Provide information to Cayman athletes on Singapore and YOG even before they arrive in 2010

In order to achieve this, Singapore schools have been paired with schools in Cayman so that young people from both countries can learn about one another’s country, people and culture.

The CIOC has chosen St. Ignatius High School and Savannah Primary School to be paired for this programme with assigned schools in Singapore.

Both the school’s faculty and the Parent Teachers Association have shown a keen interest in assisting the students with this endeavour. The schools have been linked with the East View Primary and East View Secondary schools in Singapore and will do most of their communications electronically.

CIOC thanks the two local schools for their involvement in this valuable programme.