Seventh-day Adventist church burgled

Burglars stole between $8,000 and $10,000 worth of electronics equipment from the Seventh-day Adventist Church sometime during the overnight hours of Sunday into early Monday morning, according to church personnel.

It was the second time the church near Pasadora Place on Smith Road had been broken into since early 2008.

Church Pastor Sethres Dixon said a number of high-dollar items were taken from the church offices including a 42-inch plasma TV, two desktop computers, a sound mixing board, and a video camera.

‘The video camera alone cost $1,700, the flat screen about $1,800,’ Pastor Dixon said. ‘We assume it must have been more than one person because of what they had to take out of here.’

Church member Gene Thompson expressed outrage at the burglary.

‘When they go into the house of God to steal…something’s wrong,’ Mr. Thompson said.

Pastor Dixon estimated the break-in must have occurred sometime after 9pm Sunday and before 7-7.30am Monday. Church services Sunday night ended around nine and no one was in the church when the suspect or suspects entered.

The break-in was discovered when church workers arrived Monday morning. Police were notified just after 8am.

The eastern door of the church was locked, but it was also made of glass, which the burglar or burglars smashed through to get inside.

Mr. Dixon said a number of drawers in the church offices had been overturned and emptied.

‘It looked like they were searching for money,’ he said.

Other than the glass door, church officials said the sanctuary and the offices sustained little other damage.

Pastor Dixon said the church has no surveillance cameras either outside or inside its premises, but he noted that’s about to change.

‘We’re meeting with a security company at 2pm (Monday),’ he said. ‘It’s sad, but everyone needs to start thinking about doing that.’

Those responsible for the burglary took far more than they did in the 2008 break-in, which Mr. Dixon said also occurred in February. In that instance, only the church’s TV was taken.

He said church officials would have to replace the sound system immediately to continue with services. Other items such as the computers and the plasma screen would have to be replaced when funds were available.

Burglars have been particularly active in the Pasadora Place and Central George Town area. Last year, several offices were broken into in the shopping complex which is just south-east of the Seventh-day Adventist Church; mainly doctor’s offices and medical supply companies were hit.

A string of burglaries just north-east of that area also occurred last year in which several local businesses, including the Caymanian Compass, were broken into during the overnight hours.