Gordon walks away

Cayman cricketer Steve Gordon is stepping away from international cricket.

Gordon announced his retirement to the Cayman team that went to Argentina recently.

Gordon said he came to the decision after seeing where his match-day fitness was an issue.

‘I think I’m done. I’m 41 now and I’ve been struggling with my fitness and it showed in Argentina.’

Gordon is one of three Cayman cricketers who are on the verge of a permanent retirement. The other two are Pearson Best and Kenute Tulloch.

Aside from age Gordon also felt his injuries took a toll on him.

‘I have a lingering knee problem. Prior to Argentina we went to Miami for a tournament and I was injured. I couldn’t prepare for the competition like how I could in the past. I don’t think I was an asset to the team there [in Argentina].

‘Mind you I think I played reasonably well but because of my knee I’m struggling with fitness.’

Gordon is remembered for his steady approach at the stumps for Cayman. He was arguably Cayman’s second-best batsman (next to Pearson Best). Often he would play conservative but was known to impress with vicious strikes at a moment’s notice.

Like Best and Tulloch, Gordon still plays local cricket and says he will continue to do so.

‘Because I’m over 40 I’ll play with the Cayman Masters cricket club. I will also continue my service with the Prison cricket team.

‘From there I will work with the Cayman national team for the betterment and development of Cayman cricket.’

Gordon is not dismayed about how Cayman cricket can perform on the international stage after he leaves.

Gordon says a trio of young players can step up to the plate.

‘Cayman has a lot of youngsters that can take over the mantle. Boys like young [Ramon] Sealy, young [Ricardo] Roach and young [Omar] Willis have shown the potential.

‘It’ll simply take awhile for them to gather match experience.’

Like other athletes at the twilight of their careers, Gordon has thought much about where his focus would go in retirement.

For him now will be a chance for his business interests and family ties to grow stronger.

‘I’ve been thinking about what I would do after retiring. I run Party-Mart on the island and aside from looking after that I’m going to dedicate my time to my son and daughter.’

With a budding cricketer on his hands, Gordon has an extra reason not to be worried about Cayman’s cricket future.

Young Louis Gordon is nine years old and on the verge of making the Bodden Town cricket team.

It’s not clear whether he’ll be as good with the bat as his father but the youngster isn’t afraid to try. He even says he intends to represent Cayman one day.

Dad could not be happier and intends to play an active role in his growth.

‘My son is trying out for the BT team and it looks like he’ll make the squad,’ Gordon said. ‘Because I live in Bodden Town I’m thinking of being an assistant coach to BT.

‘That would also double as my way of giving back something to the BT community.’