UCCI student numbers strengthen

With total numbers of students on the rise at the University College of the Cayman Islands, the rejuvenated college appears to be successfully attracting both school leavers and mature students looking to advance their educations and careers.

Recent figures reveal that 1,377 unique students, including Civil Service College students, registered for the Fall 2007 semester and 1,331 registered for the Spring 2008 semester.

Acting UCCI President Brian Chapell said the corresponding number for Fall 2008 was 1409, with over 100 students now doing Bachelor level classes, a 34% increase from fall 2007, and 750 students registered in the Associate degree programme, up 15%.

Eight students are expected to graduate this May from the Master’s in Human Resource Management, and the Caribcert tourism training programme is also doing well. In 07/08, 14 students took part, while this year saw 30.

Mr. Chapell explained that many Continuing Education and CSC classes do not run on the traditional semester system, as some are short courses, and some are half-semester and don’t start until the second half of the semester, so the Spring figure won’t be available until after the semester is complete.

‘As much as possible we are comparing ‘apples to apples,’ he said.