Immigration must enforce laws

I know of a young Caymanian man who got married to a Jamaica woman.

From the time he got married to her she has never come back to look for him and has moved from their home and gone somewhere else to live on the Island. He doesn’t know where to find her and he has tried calling her on her cell and work numbers and all she does is ignore him.

In the application from the Immigration Department it has an affidavit where all two parties have to sign in the presence of a notary public and in that affidavit it has conditions that each person has to comply (refer to an extract of the Immigration Law below).

Sec, 32(1) of the Immigration Law the holder of a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate who is the spouse of a Caymanian or has obtained a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate as a result of his marriage to the holder of a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate pursuant of Section 29(5) shall forfeit his rights under that Certificate if

(a) he falls within any of the provisions of Section 37;

(b) his spouse ceases to be a Caymanian or to be a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate holder;

(c) within ten years of the marriage it is dissolved or annulled;

(d) he ceases to be legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands; or

(e) he and his spouse are living apart

1. under a decree of a competent court

11. under a deed of separation; or in circumstances where in the opinion of the Board the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

He wrote a letter to the Permanent Residence Board asking that the Board revoke the Permanent Residence and he also wrote letters to the Enforcement Department of Immigration complaining about this woman and how the marriage is broken down and all it is, is a marriage of convenience.

This is in black and white, yet the Caymanian spouse cannot get information from the Permanent Residence Board regarding the spouse.

The Laws that are stated on the application and in the approval letter; will these Laws go into affect for the general public to use if the marriages have broken down or once it is deemed to be a marriage of convenience? We need to know.

This man cannot afford a lawyer and the longer the Immigration Department takes to enforce its laws and do something about this, she will have Caymanian Status and further more, she’s holding a job that a Caymanian can fill.

Nelly Thomas

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