Body found in EE

The Royal Cayman Islands Police has confirmed the discovery of a female body in East End this afternoon, near the rock quarry, off High Rock Rd.

East End

Police officers review evidence at the scene in East End where the vehicle Sabrina Schirn took from her work last week was found. Photo: Brent Fuller

The body was found in roughly the same area as where police last night found the car missing 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn was last seen driving.

Police did not immediately identify the remains, nor did they specify a cause of death, however officers spent late Monday afternoon and all Tuesday searching the heavily wooded area for clues about Ms Schirn’s disappearance.

Ms Schirn’s family members were among those on the scene Tuesday afternoon searching the area when the body was found. The Caymanian Compass understands the body was found by a member of the public familiar with the remote area.

The 21-year-old, from George Town, left her workplace, the Blockbuster video store at Grand Harbor, last Wednesday morning ‘to go to East End,’ according to the store’s manager. Police tracked her Blackberry signal to the Gun Bay area later that morning, but the device apparently hasn’t been used since.

The vehicle Sabrina left work in, a white Honda Toreno, was recovered late Monday afternoon in a remote area of East End on a dirt track just off High Rock Drive.

Police descended on the area Monday evening after the car’s discovery. K9 officers and the police helicopter undertook repeated searches of the location, while officers went door-to-door looking for information about the 21-year-old’s whereabouts.

There have been numerous reported sightings of Sabrina since her disappearance Wednesday, but police had earlier said it was difficult to confirm the veracity of those reports.

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