Scientist hosts Reef Report

Professor of Biological Sciences for Dartmouth College Dr. David Peart recently kicked off the Spring Series of Reef Reports at the Cracked Conch.

Dr. Peart’s presentation, entitled Kin, sparked a discussion about modern biology and the deep and close relationship among all life forms.

Dr. Peart also shared details on the research his graduate students were working on at CCMI’s Little Cayman Research Centre with the audience and answered questions.

The next Reef Report, entitled Growing Reefs One Piece at a Time, will be hosted by Vice President of Research and Conservation for the Florida Aquarium’s Board of Directors Craig Watson on 23 April at the Cracked Conch from 7pm onward.

‘We would like to thank The Cracked Conch for their ongoing generosity and it is because of their support that we are able to help increase the community’s knowledge on our local environment and the importance of conservation’, said Sales and Events Coordinator for CCMI Kellie Shoemaker.

To attend a Reef Report, contact Ms Shoemaker at 949-1938 or [email protected]

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