Follow Shaune’s lead

Shaune Fraser is arguably Cayman’s best swimmer right now.

swim boys

Many young boys could follow Shaune Fraser.
Photo: Matthew Yates

From setting NCAA records to being named Cayman’s unofficial fittest athlete there’s no accolade out of the young man’s reach.

His story is sure to inspire others to swim seriously down the line. But, as witnessed by a recent school swim, some kids are well on their way to stepping into his shoes.

The four schools on the George Hicks Campus held their individual swim galas last week at the Lions swimming pool.

New Horizons High school swam on Monday and Heritage High followed on Tuesday. On Wednesday Pace High got in the mix before Leading Edge High wrapped things up on Thursday.

The students of the four high schools were tutored at the swimming pool by Coach Paula Swaby who was assisted by the Physical and Health Education teachers of the campus for around ten weeks.

During that period they were able to witness some significant improvements in the attitude and work ethic in a large number of students.

On the days of the swim gala the kids gave in valiant efforts and were, on the whole, well-behaved. In addition they were cheered on by a few parents who dropped by to watch.

National Swim Coach Dominic Ross was also on hand to help out.

The civility of the kids left many teachers pleased with the gala. Among the relieved teachers present was head of the PE Department Cyril Gairy.

In Gairy’s eyes the gala showed many children who could follow Shaune’s lead.

‘We were treated to some remarkable performances by a large number of students and they must be commended for their efforts.

‘There is a list of kids that could be the next Shaune Fraser. With some additional training the kids could go a long way.’

It would be unreasonable to single out any one student though at the same time it’s impossible to list all the names provided.

However the select few mentioned youngsters to watch are: Morgan Dixon and Lauren Williams (Heritage), Alex Balls and Kaela Ebanks (Pace), Chloe Powery and Dante Ramoon (New Horizons), Diego Smith and Ebonee Walton (Leading Edge).

The idea of a swim gala for George Hicks is not new as in year’s past it took place annually.

According to Coach Gairy the galas went on a brief hiatus and are being reintroduced to the students on an annual basis.

‘This is the first swim the school has had in a good while,’ Gairy said. ‘But things went pretty good. It was well-organized, the kids were very enthusiastic and they had good crowd support.’