Sabrina suspect back in Northward

The prison inmate suspected of killing 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn last month has been sent back to Northward prison without charges filed against him.

The 38-year-old suspect, who is not being identified by the Caymanian Compass because he has not been charged, had been in custody at the George Town Police Station lock up until Wednesday. His return to prison came after the 12 days police were legally allowed to hold him at the George Town station had expired.

A Royal Cayman Islands Police spokesperson confirmed that investigators still considered the man a suspect in the homicide and were awaiting the completion of forensic evidence tests in the case.

‘The suspect in the Sabrina Schirn murder case has been returned to Northward and remains incarcerated,’ read a statement issued by the RCIPS. ‘The Legal Department is currently reviewing the file and a decision will be made on the way forward.’

Police said the inmate had at no time been released into the community, and that he is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence at Northward for a conviction unrelated to the Sabrina Schirn case.

Sabrina’s decomposed body was found in a remote area of East End near the rock quarry on 17 March. Police said it appeared she had suffered numerous sharp force injuries, some that had possibly been made by a machete.

Northward prison officials confirmed the 38-year-old inmate had been on a work detail at a prison-owed farm that was adjacent to the area where Sabrina’s body was found. The man was considered a ‘low risk’ inmate, according to Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation Bill Rattray.

The prison work programme was suspended following news of the prisoner’s arrest in Sabrina’s death.

No further arrests have been made in connection with Sabrina’s killing. Her father and other family members have speculated that other individuals may have been involved in her demise. Police have not commented on those claims.