Book helps children to succeed

Internationally celebrated parental consultant Florence Bernard will visit Books & Books for a signing of her book, Better At School: The Essential Guide to Help Kids Improve at School, tonight Monday, 20 April at 7pm.

Florence Bernard

Florence Bernard

According to Ms Bernard Better At School is the training you didn’t get before you became a parent. It will give you invaluable tips to organize, motivate and train your children so that they can show their full potential at school. With its methods on study skills, sanctions, rewards, goals, and responsibility, it involves the participation of students, parents and teachers.

The author also adds Better At School will help to rebuild communication and interest for school. ‘By introducing self-development as early as possible, you’ll see your children grow into responsible, self-motivated young adults. You’ll find that it is much easier than you thought and you’ll certainly wish your parents had read it too.’

Florence Bernard developed her programs through seventeen years of teaching experience worldwide. She helped a number of families enjoy the positive experience that school should be. Working closely with parents and children, going back to the basics with them and exploring the source of the problems while focusing on the solutions, she manages to help bring back peace and harmony at home and at school for many.

Having lived and taught all over the world Florence now resides in the U.S.A., but she spent 7 years of her career in Grand Cayman teaching languages, physical education and drama to grades 2 through 12 at St. Ignatius Catholic School. Her methods are based on early self-development for children, starting with an awareness of their responsibility to eventually become self-motivated. She believes that Education is a triangle, involving children, parents and teachers. If the communication is lost somewhere, the learning process is affected as is everybody’s life. Therefore, her techniques involve a great deal of parental participation and lead to better family relationships and higher self-esteem. Results show at school but also beyond, turning kids and teenagers into responsible, self aware and self expressed young adults.

As she puts it: “I haven’t invented any magical super cure for children’s laziness, lack of motivation or difficulties. I am just applying simple old principles to everyday life, so that students can function within the school system. As parents, you are not always aware of its intricacies. This is insider’s info, from someone who has seen many different school systems and has known to make them all work!”

Copies of Better At School are available for purchase at Books & Books.

This event is free and open to the public.

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